DL Hughley on Ben Carson

Somehow in the midst of voting in #45, the United States of America has lost, not only it’s integrity but it has also lost it’s sense of reality and the ability to recall historical facts.dl-hughley-trust-me-im-a-gameshow-host-325

Recently our current HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, was one of the purveyors of factual incompetence…When he gave a speak in front of his subordinates on what is considered an immigrant and why they came to this country. But what Dr. Carson failed to do was recall the facts of his own ancestral journey to this country and our Dear Comedian and Radio personality, DL Hughley spared him not a single ounce of forgiveness for his “Alternative facts”.

…Ben Carson forgot that his ancestors did come across on a boat…at the bottom…and they weren’t in cramped quarters they were chained together…”

Somehow Dr. Carson attempted to change the narrative of the slave, from forced and gruesome into some sort of free will to make themselves better. When this could not be further from the truth. I don’t know exactly how much Dr. Carson is being paid to work a the subservient house Negro, but he needs to come to the realization that Not all money is good money…especially the money that you are offered to sell your people down the river. Does he not realize that once all of his potential back up is gone, they will have no need for him and he will be fed to the dogs? And who is going to have your back when the time comes to fight?

Get your shit together Dr. Carson!!!


You ever think maybe it’s YOU that God hates…


I had to take some time to word my thoughts today becausr I was about to act a black a$$ fool this morning…
You are you and you can’t be anyone else…whuch means you only know how I feel if I tell you and vice versa…now lets bring this higher…you only know what God wants when he speaks to you…and NOT NAN ONE OF US IS GOD, let’s get that straight right now…I don’t care how saved, sanctified, and filled you claim to be IDC how many tounges you use in praise you are not and never will be God, The Holy spirit, Jesus, Jah, Jahovah, Allah, The Father…so it is 1. Not up to you to speak hell fire and 2. No levels to sin…last time I checked sin was sin…so a man who cheats with his mind will burn just as fast as a man who murders his brother (don’t take the parts of the bible you want to use to your advantage). Jesus sat with the lowest of the low and to be Christian is to be Christ-like so if you truely can’t love you brother through his faults with an unwavering spirit then you need to reevaluate to personal walk…
Why am I pissed? I have listened to and read things like “Reap what you sow” “This is what you get and deserve”…etc etc about the 50 dead and over 50 wounded in the shooting in Florida this morning…let me let you in on some things…just because a place is a safe haven for people who are ostracized by the general public, does not mean they are the only one in attendance…and even if they were the only ones in attendance what makes YOU so much better that you boldly speak for God telling the world this was Gods way of seeking regance on the world? No. God gave us all free will and he allows us to act and react on our own accord…don’t envoke the name of the God (which ever one you bow to) to spread your hate propaganda…you only duty is to spread the goodness of God and love your neighbor…you are not God so you don’t get to say what he will or will not accept, who he will or won’t bless, who he does or doesn’t love…

ORLANDO — A heavily armed assailant opened fire in a packed nightclub early Sunday, killing 50 people in the deadliest shooting spree in U.S. history before being fatally shot by police, local authorities said.

Mayor Buddy Dyer said 53 people were wounded at Pulse Orlando, a gay club just south of downtown. The FBI is investigating the massacre as a possible terror act link to radical Islamists.
12, 2016
A federal law enforcement official told USA TODAY the suspect has been identified as Omar Seddique Mateen of Port St. Lucie, Fla. The suspect’s father, Mir Seddique, told NBC News on Sunday that he was “in shock,” and that his son had recently expressed anti-gay sentiments.
Mulitple media outlets said Mateen is Muslim. His father said the attack “had nothing to do with religion.”
took place inside, and a SWAT team was called in, Mina said. Police received updates from patrons trapped in the club, and decided to storm the club at about 5 a.m.
“Our biggest concern was further loss of life,” Mina said. “We exchanged gunfire with the suspect, and he was dead at the scene.”
Mina initially estimated the death toll at more than 20 people. Hours later the true scale of the horror was revealed. Mina said one officer was wounded and at least 30 people were rescued.

Cultural Misappropriation

Cultural appropriaction

I don’t like the term “Cultural Appropriation”…

So I’m just going to say “Culture Jacking”…

Yep that sounds better…

You know it’s not so much the fact that the styles are being copied and wrapped in different packaging that bothers me…it’s the blatant disregard for acknowledging that the styles are being copied and wrapped in different packaging. Cultural appropriaction2 It is the fact that when the originators of the styles are being ridiculed and put down for it only to have individuals from outside cultures be called things like “Trend setter” or “Innovator”…





For years I have been “Talked to” about my natural hair not being in compliance with professionalism…

Then I saw this article by Allure Magazine:

Cultural appropriaction3.png


I mean really?

And other videos and articles with titles like…

“How to make Straight Hair Tight Kinky Curly…” “Big Sexy Editorial Afro Hair” “White Girl With REAL Afro” “Afro Style Inspired Curls…”

Alongside pictures of men and women who look like this:

Having nappy hair is unacceptable when you don’t have to force it to be that way…Having big lips is unacceptable if there is no doctor involved…Having a big ass and wide hips isn’t trending when you can’t provide a number for the guy who made them unless you have a direct line to the Lord…Brown skin is bad if it didn’t come from a bottle or produced by neon lights…

Weave on a black girl is self-hate and fake… Weave on a white girl is trendy and cool…

Locs on a Black man is unprofessional Locs on a white guy is considered chic and hip.

The issue isn’t so much that they do it…Do what you like, have fun…the issue is the idea that THEY created something new and innovative. Kiley Jenner did not create big lips…Kim Kardashian wasn’t the first woman with a big butt…Justin Bieber did not start Locs…Katelynn (From Teen Mom 2) was not the first woman in the world to get box braids…and Bo Derek did not create cornrows (Which for some odd reason white people are now referring to as “Boxer Braids” thanks to Kim K and her oddly shaped corn rows…).

In most places imitation is one of the best ways to flatter but in this case I just don’t see it…this has moved way beyond just imitation. It has moved on to be complete theft. It is one thing to pay homage to those who came before you, but it is quite another to make an attempt to wipe out the inventors.

How many times did Elvis Presley speak out the names of those who wrote and first recorded the songs he sang and made millions from? Don’t worry I’m not going to waste my time waiting for you to attempt to come up with a number more than zero…

The Young Turks:

In Anticipation of You



It was almost like some sort of dream when I got the first call the day before letting me know that you, and she called you by your name (K—–), were going to be stopping by my place to check on things. She told me you would be here in the evening around 4pm…I have to admit I was so excited. I had been going through some pretty tough times over the last few weeks and I knew that YOU would be the only one who could really help me. I had been taking my problems to others and while they were able to make me feel a little better at the time, the problems still exist.

In anticipation of you I made the necessary arrangements:

I cleared my schedule clearschedule
I ensured that there was bottled water in the fridge
I swept and mopped
I even dusted (something that I never do)

I went to sleep that night knowing that tomorrow would be the day…The day that you would come and make my life just a little bit easier was finally here.

Anticipation1The next day she called me around noon to remind me that you were coming, I said ok I would be here waiting…

And then, at 4:15pm, YOU called…YOU!!!
“Hey, this is K—–, I am about 5-6 minutes away…”

…Music to my ears. The excitement that built up in me at that very moment was like no other. I went back over the house, re-sweeping and spot checking. I lit incents to cover the lingering smell of Marlboro Menthol lights.

I saw your truck pull up…

I sat and waited…waiting

You sat in your truck…

I waited…waiting1

You got out of your truck…

You paced the sidewalk talking to someone on your cell phone…

I waited…waiting2

You got back in your truck, backed out of the parking spot, drove out of the parking lot, made a right turn and sped away…

My internet and cable are still not working…Thanks a lot Time Warner Cable…


*Le Sigh*



They sent another tech out today and my service has been restored…I hate TWC a little less now…


19-23 year olds make my ass itch


Let me be more specific…19-23 year olds who were 19-23 years old within the last five years make my ass itch.

I’m currently working on a second career and unfortunately the classes i have to take are populated by young girls and a few boys who have little to no life experience…they are still a bit naive to the realities of the “real world” and the concepts of using your many failures as a stepping stone and/or learning tool…

but that could be the case with any young person right?

No, wrong


Please explain to me how an individual who has contributed absolutely nothing of value to society, seems to think that somehow society owes them a great deal of…what’s a good word? RESPECT…yes respect seems like a good word. When I was growing up (God I sound old) we were always taught that respect was not something that was handed  over to anyone without them first showing that they were indeed worthy of the honour.


Respect is something you earned…and you earned it by first being respectful and taking your proper place in the cue.

I am having a hard time grasping the  concepts of their false sense of reality, their false sense of entitlement, and this constant need to be the successful top dog without having to build a foundation.


These children are the products of all this “New Age…Everyone gets a trophy…We don’t let our kids play dodge ball” parenting.


Lean in close and  listen to me carefully…
The world does not owe you shit. You have to put in actual work to achive, sustain, and maintain an actual living. You have a better chance at getting into one of your top 5 colleges than you have at being discovered by any type of scout…no matter how you feel about the politics of the military its not JUST about bending and breaking your will…its about you learning your limits and having respect for yourself and the people you encounter…
Hard work is not taboo and disrespecting people just because they tell you “No” is not acceptable. Treat people the way you want to be treated…so cliche and yet so true….

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Day 20: The day I lost you #CaptureYourGrief


Today marks 2 years to the day that I watched you leave this world…and the saddness I feel inside is no better now than it was that day.
I held you in my arms while you left this world and took a large part of me with you. I still haven’t learned to live without you…but I have learned to exist. I push forward day by day hoping that with each day that passes I will be able to find myself again. Figure out who I am without you by my side…sleeping through the night without reaching for you…dealing with the slap in the face when I come home with exciting news and you’re not there for me to talk your ear off…learning how to hug myself…learning how to cook for two instead of three…learning how to be on my own without having my balancing partner.
You were the best I ever had and I have very little doubt that there will be anyone else to come close…
Best friend, father, brother, soldier, problem solver, hugger, lover, partner, LOVE. Kyle

Because I’m on the go I posted from WordPress for Android