Why are Black Victims always expected to forgive their white victimizers?

“Blacks are expected to absolve White America of its crimes. The rules change when the victim happens to be white…”  Chauncey Devega

downloadMy social media outlets have been completely flooded with stories of Bill O’Sexual Harassment being fired by Fox News. And the only thought I’ve had was: ‘They only did it because they could no longer hide it…The latest woman wouldn’t just take the pay off…He got caught one too many times…”

Well during my scrolling I came across an interview of one of O’Reilly’s victims named Perquita Burgess. Somehow during this interview one of the white female host eluded to if this woman would be able to over come/ move on from what happened and be able to find peace and forgiveness…

Where any of his other, melanin deficient, victims asked this? I think the hell not. So why now and not then?

A few months back, during the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden was asked of she forgave the, admitted racist police officer, Darren Wilson who murdered him…and she gave, in my opinion, one of the most honest answers anyone could every give…“Never forgive…h
e’s evil, his acts were devilish…”
080515-National-Leslie-McSpadden-on-Forgiving-Darren-Wilson-Never Needless to say there was outrage for her lack of forgiveness…even to the point that some made death threats towards her and her family. She has not been asked questions by the media since…

Not even a week after Dylan Roof walked into a historical black church in Charleston, SC and brutally murdered 9 of the parishioners…after they welcomed him in and studied and prayed with him…imagesThe press came to the families of the victims and made it their duty to get them to publicly announce to the world that they have already given Roof their forgiveness. And the families were all to willing to comply, fall in line, and hand out forgiveness like condoms in an abortion clinic.

The Black man who was punched in the face by a white Trump supporter, at a Trump rally…images (1)

The Muslim woman who was hit in the face with a beer glass, by a white woman, in a restaurant.

The list just goes on and on…

It has pretty much become expected, that no matter how overt the racism or how disgusting/heinous the crime towards the black community, the “Christian thing” to do is forgive the oppressor. It is as if they took a page straight out of the “How to make a slave, the Christian way…” guide book (I seriously hope that’s not an actual book).

I wonder if anyone has asked the families of the slain officers in Dallas if they have yet to forgive Micah Johnson? How many families have yet to publicly announce their forgiveness to the movie theater shooter in Colorado?

Look, stop asking the black community if they forgive their victimizers…it’s insulting and lacks all compassion. We do not have to forgive anyone. Especially not those who deserve to be forgiven…If God wants to save your soul then you take that up with God…as for me I sleep very well at night not offering these murderous and violent thugs any forgiveness.

It is not owed so it shouldn’t be expected

“Black Americans may publicly-and this says nothing of just and righteous private anger, upset, and desire for justice and revenge-be so quick to forgive white violence and injustice because it is a tactic and strategy for coping with life in a historically white supremacy society. If black folks publicly expressed their anger and lack of forgiveness at centuries of white transgressions they could and were beaten, raped, murdered, shot, stabbed, burned alive, run out of town, hung, put in prisons, locked up in insane asylums, fired from their jobs, their land stolen from them, and kicked out of schools. Even in the post civil rights era and throughout the “Age of Obama”, being branded with the veritable scarlet letter of being an “Angry black man” or “Angry black woman”, can result in their life opportunities being significantly reduced…”– Chauncey Devega



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