Go Away Rachel; It’s not funny anymore…


So Rachel Dolezal now believes that she was “A little too black…” For her Black Ex-Husband

To which I say…”GIRL BYE!!!”


Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who was made national headlines in 2015 after she pretended to be black, is being forced in our Timelines again… Thanks to a new memoir titled In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.

Dolezal’s book is scheduled to be released today, March 28th 2017, where she continues to proclaim to the world that she is (Identifies herself as) a black woman. Despite her genetics and lack of physical and cultural upbringing…


Here’s the deal, I don’t care what she calls herself, nor do I care how many people willingly accept her as being a black woman…But what I will not do is sit here and be forced to simply accept her as a black woman, just because you or anyone else says so…


From the time I was old enough to acknowledge the voices of my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles…I was taught that I would have to work three times as hard because I was black and on top of that I would have to add on a doubled workload because I am a woman.

I have been putting in a lot of hard work from the day I was born to be a productive/contributing citizen of this nation…and the road blocks I have had placed in front of me were hard to overcome and most were placed there on purpose to keep me from striving to the point that I have come to now, and still growing.

Rachel will never understand what being the only black child in the entire first grade of primary school, and having a parent complain that they didn’t want their white child sitting next to her during the school day. Or having your second grade math teacher sit you and the only other black student away from the rest of the class, with your backs turned so she wouldn’t have to look at your black faces…Or maybe Rachel understand what it feels like to have a bunch of white children from her predominately white neighborhood, chase her with forks and butter knives while calling her a nigger and threatening to take her life. These are some of the things I personally, and plenty of other black children, faced while growing up black…something that she has never had to do because Rachel was raised in a white household, by her white parents…But let her tell it, covering her skin with mud and pretending she was a Sahara Princess IS THE BLACK EXPERIENCE…(She really said this you guys).

download (1)

I remember the day I had to pay a white guy to go to a bank to negotiate an investment for my first salon…Because for some reason when I brought my business plan into their offices it somehow wasn’t good enough…Whereas Ms. Dolezal could tan her skin, sew in a cheap weave and become the president of a NAACP chapter…

She has NEVER had to endure what growing up as a black woman really is/what it’s really about. Fighting the stereotypes all while trying to be successful in a world where nothing is set up to cushion your many falls.

Here’s the thing, Rachel, my skin is not a badge of honor…the STRUGGLE that I survived while in this Black skin is the honor that I carry and wear proudly. This is a struggle that you have never and will never know, because you somehow conned the world into believing that it’s OK to just pick up and put down blackness whenever it is convenient, or not too much of a struggle. black-girl-magic-long-sleeve-shirts-crewneck-sweatshirt

I find what you are doing to be just as bad, if not worse, than having someone spit in my face. You are down grading what it means to be a black woman in America. You don’t just suddenly become a black woman…you are born and raised into it…and not by choice. It is an inheritance that has been placed on a select few. You are taught how to survive, live, birth, raise, nurture, embrace, fight, and turn a blind eye when necessary from the day you are born. Being a black woman is not an option and it cannot be put down or picked up…it is what you are born with and what is cultivated from within…



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