A Beauty and her Bestiality

beauty-and-the-beast (1).jpg

I’ll make this quick…because quite frankly, I find the topic redundant, repugnant, and just plain ole’ stupid…

So apparently A theater in the great, yet late, state of Alabama has decided that they would boycott the new Beauty and the Beast movie because the Disney film decided to feature it’s first gay character…


Purple Side Eye

****Let’s all take this time to give Prince a round of applause for providing us with all the side eye we can use for a lifetime…RIP***

Since when has Disney not provided us with Loads of LGBTQ Greatness?!?!?! Hello, they have a little boy Deer named BAMBI for Zeus’ sake…Have you seen Haiti, in the Hercules movie? He was literally Flaming. Let’s see…7 male dwarfs live together happily for years and not one of them was checking for Snow when she showed up out of the blue? Disney has been and always will be a huge sausage fest with questionable characters… 

images (1)images (2)


Slay Bitches

Film director, Bill Condon, was quoted telling Attitude Magazine that Josh Gad’s LeFou (Gaston’s “eccentric” sidekick” will be Disney’s first LGBT character, as a way to pay homage to the original 1991 animated film’s late lyricist Howard Ashman…”Josh Gad, incidentally, plays Gaston’s worshipful stooge LeFou as maximally silly and fawning, but I must have missed the memo where that spells ‘gay,'” Variety Chief film critic Owen Gleiberman wrote in his review.


Now let’s get to the real issue I have with this movie. 

The main female character falls in love with an Ox…and animal…a non-human…She is beautiful and smart loves to read, is lovely and helpful but she can’t get a man so she turns to animal sex…and yet no one has a problem with this? I don’t care about human to human love in whatever way it comes…hell, what you do in your bedrooms is none of my damn business…but Disney has a lovely way of telling our daughters that no matter what they have to accept whatever love loves their way in whatever form it comes…Kiss frogs, marry a rude Ogre and become one with him, become a kidnap victim and through the miracle of Stockholm Syndrome, fall in love with an Ox…
Bestiality should be your main concern with this movie…Not the fact that one of the dudes is kinda fem…



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