Steve Harvey is caping for 45 and the hypocrisy is mind blowing…

17362500_10155074009939318_8341729041905840541_nI watched the video quite a few times…Just to ensure that I was getting all the relayed information…

And while I believe I have a clear grasp on what Mr. Harvey is trying to say, I can’t help but to point out the shear and utter hypocrisy in it.

Take a look-see and then We’ll talk:


I get it you have this innate fear of what could be taken away from you, Mr. Harvey. We all have a clear understanding as to how your current marriage is set up…If you aren’t financially winning then you lose in life and in your own home, but we all digress…But how do you dare use your platform to encourage other black men to be cowards and not use the same amendment rights and liberties that allowed “Them” to do things like this:

Not to mention the disrespect that was shown to his family, some of which you even eluded to in this video…

45 spent much of the 8 years that Obama was in office, disrespecting him on just about every level imaginable…and even to this day as the acting president he still takes cheap shots and lies about Mr. Obama. And here you are telling the world that we need to tow the line, step and fetch, and no matter how disrespectful this president is, we need to respect him and his position…UUUUMMMM NOPE, NOT GONNA HAPPEN DUDE.

Not once in this video did you make mention as to how the disrespect that 45 dishes out to the people he is supposed to represent hurts this country everyday…Here is a narcissistic man with super thin skin, who has no problem with insulting any and every one who comes across his path, but can’t take a cheap shot when it’s thrown back at him…but did you scold him for that? Or maybe you think that white money is better than black money…Why would you not use this opportunity to regain some respect for yourself and encourage brothers and sisters to come together and use their money and resources, as limited as they may be, to invest in our own community? No you would rather continue to make the rich richer and leave the poor out in the cold.

You even made an attempt to criminalize innocent black people…”…If something happens, then do you get brought in…the reason that spurred an action…because there is really some idiot sitting at his house who is willing to carry this out…” You mean like how a young white kid Named Dillon Roof took notes on how white people have been viciously murdering black people for centuries, and yet he is looked upon as a “Lone Wolf”? Or maybe you mean how 45 lied about Obama not being an American citizen and the rest of white America jumped on the bandwagon, with absolutely no proof what-so-ever to chime in on the lies and shame this man for something he didn’t do…

Are you not seeing the hypocrisy yet?

The greatest problem I see with Snoop’s video, is people like you who will piss all over freedom of speech when the speech doesn’t include words that you would personally say. You will completely ignore the actions that led up to the lashing out and simply focus all of your attention on the individual who is fed up with being treated unfairly. You will change the narrative of the situation so that the truth in the message isn’t what is talked about, you know kind of like how the did Colin Kaepernick…

You obviously didn’t think it through before you accepted 45’s photo opt invitation, and you damn sure didn’t think  about what you said in this audio before you said it…



2 thoughts on “Steve Harvey is caping for 45 and the hypocrisy is mind blowing…

  1. So, if “everyone associated with this video should be prosecuted for pedophilia”, wouldn’t that include YOU being charged with distributing child pornography? That does carry a 40 year sentence, ya know..


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