DL Hughley on Ben Carson

Somehow in the midst of voting in #45, the United States of America has lost, not only it’s integrity but it has also lost it’s sense of reality and the ability to recall historical facts.dl-hughley-trust-me-im-a-gameshow-host-325

Recently our current HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, was one of the purveyors of factual incompetence…When he gave a speak in front of his subordinates on what is considered an immigrant and why they came to this country. But what Dr. Carson failed to do was recall the facts of his own ancestral journey to this country and our Dear Comedian and Radio personality, DL Hughley spared him not a single ounce of forgiveness for his “Alternative facts”.

…Ben Carson forgot that his ancestors did come across on a boat…at the bottom…and they weren’t in cramped quarters they were chained together…”

Somehow Dr. Carson attempted to change the narrative of the slave, from forced and gruesome into some sort of free will to make themselves better. When this could not be further from the truth. I don’t know exactly how much Dr. Carson is being paid to work a the subservient house Negro, but he needs to come to the realization that Not all money is good money…especially the money that you are offered to sell your people down the river. Does he not realize that once all of his potential back up is gone, they will have no need for him and he will be fed to the dogs? And who is going to have your back when the time comes to fight?

Get your shit together Dr. Carson!!!



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