Cultural Misappropriation

Cultural appropriaction

I don’t like the term “Cultural Appropriation”…

So I’m just going to say “Culture Jacking”…

Yep that sounds better…

You know it’s not so much the fact that the styles are being copied and wrapped in different packaging that bothers me…it’s the blatant disregard for acknowledging that the styles are being copied and wrapped in different packaging. Cultural appropriaction2 It is the fact that when the originators of the styles are being ridiculed and put down for it only to have individuals from outside cultures be called things like “Trend setter” or “Innovator”…





For years I have been “Talked to” about my natural hair not being in compliance with professionalism…

Then I saw this article by Allure Magazine:

Cultural appropriaction3.png


I mean really?

And other videos and articles with titles like…

“How to make Straight Hair Tight Kinky Curly…” “Big Sexy Editorial Afro Hair” “White Girl With REAL Afro” “Afro Style Inspired Curls…”

Alongside pictures of men and women who look like this:

Having nappy hair is unacceptable when you don’t have to force it to be that way…Having big lips is unacceptable if there is no doctor involved…Having a big ass and wide hips isn’t trending when you can’t provide a number for the guy who made them unless you have a direct line to the Lord…Brown skin is bad if it didn’t come from a bottle or produced by neon lights…

Weave on a black girl is self-hate and fake… Weave on a white girl is trendy and cool…

Locs on a Black man is unprofessional Locs on a white guy is considered chic and hip.

The issue isn’t so much that they do it…Do what you like, have fun…the issue is the idea that THEY created something new and innovative. Kiley Jenner did not create big lips…Kim Kardashian wasn’t the first woman with a big butt…Justin Bieber did not start Locs…Katelynn (From Teen Mom 2) was not the first woman in the world to get box braids…and Bo Derek did not create cornrows (Which for some odd reason white people are now referring to as “Boxer Braids” thanks to Kim K and her oddly shaped corn rows…).

In most places imitation is one of the best ways to flatter but in this case I just don’t see it…this has moved way beyond just imitation. It has moved on to be complete theft. It is one thing to pay homage to those who came before you, but it is quite another to make an attempt to wipe out the inventors.

How many times did Elvis Presley speak out the names of those who wrote and first recorded the songs he sang and made millions from? Don’t worry I’m not going to waste my time waiting for you to attempt to come up with a number more than zero…

The Young Turks:


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