In Anticipation of You



It was almost like some sort of dream when I got the first call the day before letting me know that you, and she called you by your name (K—–), were going to be stopping by my place to check on things. She told me you would be here in the evening around 4pm…I have to admit I was so excited. I had been going through some pretty tough times over the last few weeks and I knew that YOU would be the only one who could really help me. I had been taking my problems to others and while they were able to make me feel a little better at the time, the problems still exist.

In anticipation of you I made the necessary arrangements:

I cleared my schedule clearschedule
I ensured that there was bottled water in the fridge
I swept and mopped
I even dusted (something that I never do)

I went to sleep that night knowing that tomorrow would be the day…The day that you would come and make my life just a little bit easier was finally here.

Anticipation1The next day she called me around noon to remind me that you were coming, I said ok I would be here waiting…

And then, at 4:15pm, YOU called…YOU!!!
“Hey, this is K—–, I am about 5-6 minutes away…”

…Music to my ears. The excitement that built up in me at that very moment was like no other. I went back over the house, re-sweeping and spot checking. I lit incents to cover the lingering smell of Marlboro Menthol lights.

I saw your truck pull up…

I sat and waited…waiting

You sat in your truck…

I waited…waiting1

You got out of your truck…

You paced the sidewalk talking to someone on your cell phone…

I waited…waiting2

You got back in your truck, backed out of the parking spot, drove out of the parking lot, made a right turn and sped away…

My internet and cable are still not working…Thanks a lot Time Warner Cable…


*Le Sigh*



They sent another tech out today and my service has been restored…I hate TWC a little less now…



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