19-23 year olds make my ass itch


Let me be more specific…19-23 year olds who were 19-23 years old within the last five years make my ass itch.

I’m currently working on a second career and unfortunately the classes i have to take are populated by young girls and a few boys who have little to no life experience…they are still a bit naive to the realities of the “real world” and the concepts of using your many failures as a stepping stone and/or learning tool…

but that could be the case with any young person right?

No, wrong


Please explain to me how an individual who has contributed absolutely nothing of value to society, seems to think that somehow society owes them a great deal of…what’s a good word? RESPECT…yes respect seems like a good word. When I was growing up (God I sound old) we were always taught that respect was not something that was handed  over to anyone without them first showing that they were indeed worthy of the honour.


Respect is something you earned…and you earned it by first being respectful and taking your proper place in the cue.

I am having a hard time grasping the  concepts of their false sense of reality, their false sense of entitlement, and this constant need to be the successful top dog without having to build a foundation.


These children are the products of all this “New Age…Everyone gets a trophy…We don’t let our kids play dodge ball” parenting.


Lean in close and  listen to me carefully…
The world does not owe you shit. You have to put in actual work to achive, sustain, and maintain an actual living. You have a better chance at getting into one of your top 5 colleges than you have at being discovered by any type of scout…no matter how you feel about the politics of the military its not JUST about bending and breaking your will…its about you learning your limits and having respect for yourself and the people you encounter…
Hard work is not taboo and disrespecting people just because they tell you “No” is not acceptable. Treat people the way you want to be treated…so cliche and yet so true….

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