Day 20: The day I lost you #CaptureYourGrief


Today marks 2 years to the day that I watched you leave this world…and the saddness I feel inside is no better now than it was that day.
I held you in my arms while you left this world and took a large part of me with you. I still haven’t learned to live without you…but I have learned to exist. I push forward day by day hoping that with each day that passes I will be able to find myself again. Figure out who I am without you by my side…sleeping through the night without reaching for you…dealing with the slap in the face when I come home with exciting news and you’re not there for me to talk your ear off…learning how to hug myself…learning how to cook for two instead of three…learning how to be on my own without having my balancing partner.
You were the best I ever had and I have very little doubt that there will be anyone else to come close…
Best friend, father, brother, soldier, problem solver, hugger, lover, partner, LOVE. Kyle

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