Day 17: Anniversary #CaptureYourGrief


April 8th was Kyle and my anniversary…
It was actually the anniversary of our first date. A very unplanned for date that turned out to be one of the best nights of my life…
Kyle and I talked over the phone for about three weeks and one night he said lets go to the movies…I asked him when. To which he replied “Right now!”. It was about 9pm on 
Friday night and I had no babysitter…”Bring her we’ll have fun…”
Sooo the three of us had our first date at the Egyptian Movie Co. at the Arundel Mills mall…We saw HOP…we were the only people in the theater and we sat dead center so we could get the full 3D effect…lol it was so awesome…then we went back to his house where my daughter fell asleep on his couch and he and I sat and talked until the suncame up…

Because I’m on the go I posted from WordPress for Android


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