Day 14: Express Your Heart #CaptureYourGrief


This post is a day late…I wrote it but forgot to post…

As the days go by I have had to cone face to face with the feelings…happy memories, sadness of loss, and more…trying to find my way to a comfortable space where I will find peace, in my head and in my heart.

When I first started this project I didn’t think it would have such a great effect on me. I haven’t  to admit there were many times where I wanted to theow my hands up and say forget it…I don’t need this aggrivation on top of the aggravation in my daily life. But over the last 14 days I have come to realize how much weight is being lifted off of my heart. Its almost as if I have been making space in my head and heart to deal with the minor issues in my life, without turningrhem into knock out drag down fights…within myself and with the people closest to me.
I almost look forward to writing now…I write and pause to cry then ask myself how do I hold on to the memories without being consumed by the sadness?
I have been learning to hold onto the happy moments and not dwell on the sad ones…




Our 1st Thanksgiving together


Because I’m on the go I posted from WordPress for Android


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