Day 12: Music #CaptureYourGrief


There were very few moments during the day in our home when music wasn’t playing…When we had family time, played games, cleaned, eating and just talking…there was always music playing in our home…we danced together and sing to one another.
We used music as a way to express how we were feeling, what we needed/wanted, and/or as a way of conveying our feelings to one another.
Adele, Stevie, the Temptations, Etta James, No Doubt, Wicked Wisdom, Selena Quintinilla, and so many more always had just the right  words at just the right time…
At first it was hard to listen to certain songs…the songs that played on a constant loop in our home…but slowly the pain of hearing those songs is dissipating. It took months (the better part of a year) for me to be able to listen to India Arie without my mind drifting back to the long nights Kyle and I would sit on our patio, play her albums and just talk while we drink wine…and eat cupcakes…lol

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