Day 8: Resource #CaptureYourGrief January 8, 2016

This is the first time I’ve faced the fact that I am grieving the loss of Kyle and our baby…

After we lost our baby I turned to Kyle and we comforted one another…and after I lost Kyle I kept myself busy with my daughter’s school activities and projects and trying to build my business…I never allowed myself a moment to stop and find resources to deal with the inner sadness…I forced myself to keep going so that I would never have time to dwell very long on my true feelings…but over the last eight days I have found that I give my friends very little credit…they have been a great resource for venting and putting a smile on my face…I have people in my life, some of whom I have never even met in person, who have been willing to lift me up in my time of lowliness…They are awesome! Especially those who have suffered the same loss as me…They have been a great resource to finding my way back to happiness…

Special S/O to #TheKanShow and my Comrades #MilitaryBrothersAndSisters. You guys just get me and I love you for that…




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