8 days in…and it sucks already


I have not written very much over the last few months because I was…well I was tired, and there wasn’t enough coffee ever for the last 4-6 months…Plus  have an actual job…Well I HAD an actual job but that’s a story to tell for another day…I have lots to catch up on…I have been writing a bit but no complete thoughts. Meh I’ll get to it…

Plus I was kind of avoiding having to write about the current events of society.

This country is going to hell in hand basket. And it all boils down to the fact that people hate one another for asinine reasons. People would rather go out of their way to be ignorant on a topic just so that they have reason to hate than to take the time out to try and find some understanding.

Let’s not also forget to mention the obvious double standards that exist. Tire

Aside from not wanting to talk about current events and my working…I have been dealing with a lot of issues in my personal life…Now I have to uproot and start over again…

The only promise that I have going into this new year is to not make any promises…and trust no one.

Happy New Year…I guess

Kera LaShawn


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