Day 7: A Sacred Place #CaptureYourGrief January 7, 2016

I don’t have a specific place that I go to…but I do write a lot about how I think my life would have been…I write about how I think our son would have looked…I like to write about how our family would have looked…I write about how we would act in different situations…how holidays would be, family vacations, a new house, a new car…I love to write about how my life would have been if Kyle were still here…how we would have date nights or how we would cheer on my daughter in school plays…taking her out to sell girl scout cookies…things like that…I have a sacred thought process…sometimes the thoughts of what could have been put a smile on my face and help me push through the day…sometimes the thoughts make me sad…but either way the thoughts make me hopeful to find peace within myself…they make me optimistic about finding that joy in family again…I don’t know really how to explain it…I just know that thinking about how my family could have been if things were different makes me feel slightly better than just dwelling on the fact that they are gone and I’m never going to get them back.



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