Day 4: Now #CaptureYourGrief January 4, 2016

In this present moment…I don’t think I have completely come to the point that I know who I am…I mean know I am my daughter’s mother and I will always be that…but outside of being a mother I have no idea of myself…It’s a confusing feeling because I was comfortable in my role as mother wife home maker, business owner etc…but it was all snatched away except for mother, and now I have to search for my place in the world…and at this age it’s not an easy tasks to start on a blank slate…I love the fact that I have a basic idea of who I want to be and what I want to become…but trying to make it all come together and find stability has been really hard… Every time I find a place of comfort it falls apart and I’m having to start all over again…it’s mentally and physically defeating…the last two years of my life have been the absolute worse…But I haven’t given up trying to fix it…


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