Day 1 Sunrise #CaptureYourGrief January 1, 2016


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I spent the last few day debating on whether or not I should share such intimate thoughts and feelings…but then I figured, maybe my sharing will help someone else… My therapist thinks it would be a great idea, that since I like to write, that I try to write about myself and share my feelings, but in a constructive way. He directed me to a website that has a 31 day plan that helps you to explore the grief you have inside…The original creator of this project intended for it to help women who are grieving the loss of a child and/or miscarriage, but my Doc says that it could help me to deal with my grief also… I am willing to try…so here we go…


There’s a dead bird in there


 The sun came up this morning and immediately bitched out of its duties by hiding behind the clouds. I have had about 4 cups of coffee waiting for this moment…The coffee was fantastic, but then again when it coffee in my house not fantastic. It was good enough to make up for this crappy sad sunrise…So far this exercise has managed to make me more sad, without any explanations. Maybe tomorrow will be different…



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