If your kids are monsters, you should be banned from Mother’s Day recognition…

If your child has been deemed a terror in your neighborhood (in school) then you don’t get to join in on the Mother’s Day festivities…

cant sit with us

There is no secret method to parenting a child…

There is no book or kid whisperer that is going to give you the exact information you need to rear outstanding children.
The best we can do is just that…the best we can do.

BUT… (don’t act as if you didn’t see that coming)
If your kid is a little shithead, chances are you messed up somewhere down the line.

We all try our best to instill good morals and values in our children, and we are all not so naïve as to think that our children are saints. Because they’re not…they all try to push the limits when they think we aren’t looking. We all did it. The problem comes when parents who know that their kids are hoodlums will go the distance to enable them to be hoodlums instead of trying to correct the problem. In your eyes your kid(s) are respectful…why? because maybe they don’t smart mouth you or pick at other children in your presence. But you are constantly and admittedly receiving calls from other parents, teachers, law officials, other children, etc about your child’s negative behavior.
If you tried to correct the problem, your methods are obviously not working because your teenager is still smart-mouthing adults, your little ones are still picking and teasing, and getting kicked off the bus and out of school…
Then you have the audacity to catch an attitude when someone says something to your child about their behavior.

Here’s a tip…please feel free to write it down and post it on your fridge

If you don’t want other people parenting your kids then YOU need to start parenting your kids. Don’t wait until they have reached an age where you can’t control their actions to start putting your two cents in…start teaching them respect and self-control at an early age…and, only as a last resort, if need be BEAT THAT ASS!!!

beat yourkids2

When you make excuses for your child’s negative behavior it’s not helping anyone, but it especially doesn’t help you child. They grow up with little to no respect for anyone, which often leads to a wasted life filled with a false sense of reality.
This is especially important to black children…I don’t want to race bait but let’s be real for a minute…If you don’t teach your black children how to conduct themselves at a early age chances are they will end up a “Guest” of the state or six feet under. They need to learn how to solve problems using their words and in a tone that warrants a listener…being profane and belligerent is not going to produce progress, unless you are progressing towards a private cell.

And before I go, I would just like to say this…

1. You are NOT Mommy AND Daddy you are simply trying to pick up the slack of an absent parent
2. Mother’s can be deadbeats too, so don’t think your vagina grants you immunity
Useless moms
3. Your children are a reflection of you so don’t be surprised if people say they ‘see where he/she get’s is from’. If you act like a hoodrat chances are you kids will too.

This entry was sparked by a nice little encounter I had with the mother of a boy who hit my daughter with a rock. Her father and I tried on a few occasions to have a civilized conversation with the boys mother, only to be met by a 15 year old girl who clearly missed a few ass whoopins over the years. Not to mention two elementary school age boys who are carving out a clear path to the penitentiary. Not once did this mother address the fact that her children where in the wrong for addressing adults the way they did or the physical assault her child committed, she was more interested in in the fact that we were talking to her children the way she clearly should be…as caring adults who don’t accept disrespect from children. The situation escalated to the point where the police had to be called…it was just ridiculous. Needless to say there was no point in pushing the issue any further because this woman, clearly, has no control over the minors in her home nor does she have control over herself. And as much as I hate to do it…any and all future complaint will have to be issued directly to law enforcement, and she will just have to deal with the…because I refuse to deal with her or her offspring


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