Hey kid, quit trying to talk politics and make my damn coffee…


With all of the racial tension and race fueled conversations being force fed to the nation…It’s needless to say that the US is in desperate need of some sort of mediator to help its nation sort out its issues.

Guess who thought it would be a great idea to self-nominate as the mediator and conversation starter…

So I walk into the Star Bucks recently to get my first coffee of the day, usually I drink a pot at home before I leave out to get coffee on the go, but I woke up late… RaceTogether5 I’m in the line during the morning rush debating whether to stay or go back home and stew in my madness while waiting for my personal pot or wait it out…I just don’t understand why this is taking so long today… bitmoji-181535670 are they training new employees? Why the hell would they decide to train new people in the morning? Are they working with one machine? Did they run out of sugar? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON UP THERE!!!!???!!??!?! RaceTogether1 I can feel the rage start to manifest within…As I get closer to the front I find out what the problem is…these little twits are writing messages on the cups created to spark conversation and they are actually sparking conversation and holding up the caffeine fueling process…

This is Torance and he almost Died

This is Torance and he almost Died

Seriously, we all love you Star Bucks, please don’t give us a reason to rescind that love…you have already done your part by providing caffeinated love to the masses no matter what age, race, socioeconomic background etc…

Your focus needs not be concerned with the mindset of the public, so early in the morning. I mean seriously, do you REALLY know how many times you almost got killed today, because you were either taking a ridiculously long time or you continuously prepared an order wrong? Coffee is taken very seriously by a great deal of people and Baristas need to focus on the task at hand. You make the world a calm place, kick starting the tact machines inside of all of us. So when you make an attempt to engage me in political conversations before I’ve had my first cup of coffee… RaceTogether3 well, let’s just say that you put yourself at great risk for harm. And that goes for any Barista, no matter what race you are.  for one am an equal opportunist killer when my coffee is ruined. You can’t even spell my name correctly, why am I going to have racially fueled political conversation with you? RaceTogether2

And may I just add, that I am in no mood, at any time, no matter how much caffeine I have in my system, to talk politics with an individual under the age of 30…I’m not saying that young people have nothing to offer, but what I’m saying is young people have nothing to offer… bitmoji-1270089821 You have yet to really experience the world using a mature mind…you haven’t lived long enough to have seen the same thing twice…Hell I’m not much older and sometimes I doubt my own understanding.

Look, all I’m saying is just make my coffee before I kill you…and don’t ever do this shit again. Thank you. bitmoji941741271


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