America really is the “Slow” cousin in Grandma’s basement


You know what…I’m  not even going to dig deep into this barrel of male cow dung, because why?


And now for some WTF news…


Democratic national committee Press Secretary Holly Shulman issed a three-word response…after the real estate mogul announced he was taking formal steps toward a 2016 bid.

Wait for it…

Wait for iiiiit…

Everything is awesome!”


Yes this is a direct quote. As if the idea of “The Donald” running for the president of the free world wasn’t funny enough. Let’s make a complete mockery of our country and throw in some Lego Movie quotes to stir the simmering shit pot…I mean melting pot that is AemeriKKKa.
I guess since the ship is already sinking why not have find a reason to laugh as it’s going down, you know the brighter/lighter side.

As if McCain choosing Palin as a running mate wasn’t embarrassing enough for our country…now we want to turn the presidency into some sort of reality show…Start your bidding wars Bravo, TLC, VH1 and who ever else thinks this would be a great idea…just remember to break me off a piece because this was MY idea…
I made the threat once that I would renounce my American Citizenship if a certain thing happened, but this time I mean it…I couldnt be any more serious about it…
The thought of having Donald Trump be dubbed as “Mr. President”, physically hurts my brain and makes my soul seek other arrangements.


What next is he going to have Hillary Clinton as his running mate…ooohhh shit I just put out toxic energy…smh


I’m on the go…so I posted this using the WordPress Android APP!


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