Creflo Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll

So eveidently Televangelist, Creflo Dollar has prayed to God and God told him to tell you to buy him a new private jet…

I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing…


You good? Ok let’s continue
The prosperity preacher’s website presented “Project G650″ an “airplane project” which he has claimed will help in the ways of “Understanding Grace” and “Empowering Change”…from what I gathered it was just another “Pimps” ploy to exploit money from the weak minded who think a magical sky genie is going to grant them wishes.

He wants his sheep to “donate” $65 million dollars to buy a new top of the line private jet for him, his wife, and his team…to fly around the world and “spread the word of God”…
Within hours of the plea video being posted it was swiftly removed and no one has been able to get further information from the source (Dollar or his team).

Look, I’m not one to knock another man’s  (or woman’s) hussle, but I will definately call you out on your BS. Here is a man who has built an empire around himself feeding off of funds provided by weak minded people searching for material things…you teach prosperity and YOU are the only prosperous one in the equation. I don’t place all the blame on him, because this is what he does…it’s what he has been doing and it works, for him…But I refuse to let the people who give him their  hard earned money in hopes that they too will live lavishly.
How dumb do you really have to be to believe that giving money to a church is going to be some sort of key to the locks of heaven?
As much as I believe in God I refuse to believe that he would prefer my broke ass to give 10%, off the top, of my monthly pitiful check to an organization that does nothing tangible for the community.
This man wants $65 million dollars to serve himself…he is not doing the work of God. The work of God will tell you to love your neighbors as you love yourself…meaning if you have to give than there is no reason why the people around you should be suffering. $65 million dollars could go to funding food and shelter programs…education programs…work programs…and soooo many other things to help those in need…but no this nigga (yes I said it) wants to biy a private jet so he can continue to spread words around the world that will never do more for the listeners in the long run…

I’m on the go…so I posted this using the WordPress Android APP!


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