Sometimes he is being a misogynistic pig, and sometimes YOU really are being a bitch and should STFU…


Now where did this come from? This came from seeing the definition of a “new word”:

Mansplain- Someone delighting in condescending, inaccurate explanations delivered with rock solid confidence of rightness and that slimy certainty that of course they are right, typically (but not always) because he us the man in this conversation…

Seriously…this is me, minus the whole peeing standing up thing…


I accept being an asshole

When will enough be enough?
You know why men are still the leading factors in this world? No you don’t know…well I’ll tell you. It’s mostly due to the fact that instead of playing the fcuking victim all the time and complaining about how they are being mistreated/not given a chance, they are actually out there taking advantage of an opportunity to succeed.
Guess what I’m about to lose? Cool points Guess what “don’t”? Care
Women in this world today have made it uncomfortable for other humans to feel confident and relaxed in their own skin…
You have made men feel as if they can’t relax around any of us and you have made other women feel as if they should be “On” at all times just waiting and looking for reasons to say they are being held down/back in some kind of way.
Here’s where the problem starts…it start in how we raise our children. We teach our boys to be confident and conquer. We teach our daughters to be patient and deal with it…then when they get older we make some sort of attempt to force them to go in the complete opposite direction…


Telling the boys “No” and the girls “Go”. It doesn’t work that way. 
If you have a problem, fix the problem…but soap boxing and making some sort of attempt to shame men because one guy “hurt your feelings” is not going to get you results…like it or not that is the truth of the matter.
This is why female matters are never taken seriously…because we approach men the way we would other females…you think that if you passive aggressively make comments in a loud voice you are going to shame them into doing what you think they should do. Well I hate to break it to you, all you are doing is giving further reason for them to NOT take you (or any woman) serious, avoid us like the plague, in the work place, and get us called “bitches” more frequently.


It’s one thing to make a complaint about being sexually harassed in the workplace…it is quite another to complain about a man thinking you aren’t able to lift a heavy box and tells you to take the smaller bag…It’s one thing to have the military bar you from induction because of your ability to grow a human inside your body, it is quite another to get upset because they don’t allow you to be an infantryman because you have a menstrual cycle and they don’t have time to wait for you to change your rag, during a firefight.
Let’s get real people. Most of the time women aren’t being held back because they are women, and the sooner you realize this the better it will be for us all…all the “wolf crying” has to stop…each time you overreact or make a rediculous false claim you make it just that much harder for an actual victim to be taken seriously…


I’m on the go…so I posted this using the WordPress Android APP!


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