Every Month is black History Month in My House…


I didn’t do a single “Black History Month” post…Because EVERY Month in my home is Black History Month…

I had so many people ask me if I was going to do some sort of daily post for my page that spoke on different individuals that contributed to the success of Black America…I thought about the idea… even figured I would pull out some names and facts about Blacks that you never hear about…I could talk about the actual revolutionist and not just give the same book report on MLK or Brother Malcolm, or talk about how Sis. Rosa wasn’t about to get her black ass up…

After much deliberation…I decided not to post ANYTHING.

It seemed that every time I started to write something, it went from a positive, informational report to why I’m pissed off at “My People” for not being worthy to walk on the roads that have been paved for them.

I went from informant to crazy ranting black chick.

I smoked…A LOT

I drank SOOO many bottles of wine…

I digress.

I came to the conclusion, that instead of me trying to educate the masses I would share my information with people who are willing to receive it…people who are also willing to share what they know with me. I will pass along these history lessons to the young girls that I volunteer for. I will share this information with the clientele that come into my barbershop…

I will make it my duty to teach my daughter about the people she was born of so that she, in turn, may teach her children and so on and so forth…I talk to my daughter EVERYDAY about being a woman…about being Black…about being educated…etc etc. I don’t need to designate a time and a place.


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