I resolve to nothing #Resolution #OnTheToilet


Coming to you live from my bathroom

The time has come to make resolutions…People making promises to better themselves…Lose weight, stop smoking, be better humans, going to church etc etc etc…

I brought in the new year, completely refreshed from a good night’s sleep, by waking up at about 10:00am…and I made one promise…not to make any promises…
Here’s the thing about resolutions, they are
only good until you get tired of waiting for results…you get bored with the tasks…you just dont care.

We continue to make and break the same promises to our selves year after year, and for what? Short live gratification? Or maybe we all are just gluttons for self afflicted punishment.


I mean seriously…why do we continue to uphold this rediculous tradition?

I say if you are truely ready and willing to go forth with a plan it doesnt matter WHEN you start, only that you start AND finish when the time is right…


Screw the diet!


Drink a beer!


And make it rain on them hoes erotic performers of the evening!!!

And when you are truely ready to make a change you will make it and no begining of the year resolution is going to kick start you to get it finished!


Happy FUCKING New Year!!!
*Side Note: I have not yet made my mind up to stop cussing like a soldier*

I’m on the go…so I posted this using the WordPress Android APP!


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