Cause I’m just a Girl…So don’t let me have any rights…


I’m not a bra burner, and I don’t see the need to categorize myself as a “Feminist”. But I will say that I am on the side of women’s rights…Women have the right to be treated with decency and respect. I also don’t think that a woman should have to feel as if she has no control over what happens, should happen, or could happen to her body.

I’m not going to go into the a deep discussion on my stance on abortion rights. But I will say that I am not “PRO-ABORTION” I am “PRO-CHOICE”. I think that no matter what the situation is a woman has the right to say what goes into and comes out of her body…PERIOD. I don’t think that a woman who has an abortion came on that decision lightly…No one WANTS to have an abortion…and no one ever lives their life planning to have an abortion.

Now we have State Representative of Missouri, Rick Brattin, who is taking the lead on passing a bill that would require a woman who wants to have an abortion, get permission from her male partner first…she has to get permission, that is, unless she was…Wait for it…wait for it… “Legitimately raped”…Yes let’s all stand and thank Rep. Todd Akin for the phrase “Legitimately raped”.

*Round of Applause*brattin2

Now before we get back to Rep. Brattin, let’s hear how Rep. Akin defines a “Legitimate Rape”…


Rep. Todd Akin

Source: New York Times “I’m just saying if there was a legitimate rape, you’re going to make a police report, just as if you were robbed.” In other words, if there was no police report, it must not have really happened.

Rep. Brattin goes on to say that a woman wouldn’t be able to just go to the clinic and claim she was raped; it will have to be proven it has to be “Legitimate”.

It is no secret that that more than 50% of sexual assaults go unreported…so with this bill in place what would the future of Women’s healthcare have in store, in Missouri? Especially in high stress situations. You were too scared to report the rape, so you weren’t really raped…you wanted it. Now you have to carry and care for the child that was created.

But there is glimmers of Health hope in the state of Missouri…back in 2012 the House approved a resolution that would mandate health insurance policies not to pay for males to receive vasectomies for the purpose of birth control…The measure states that a Vasectomy would only be performed to “Avert the death of a man or avert serious risk of…physical impairment.” In this matter State Rep. Stacey Newman (D)

Rep. Stacey Newman

Rep. Stacey Newman

stated “…If we are going to seriously restrict access to birth control used by over 98% of Missouri women and widely used since 1960, then it’s only fair we legislate men’s access as well…”

I have a wonderful Idea…How about we stop allowing the government to get involved in matters that don’t effect the masses…When a woman decides to or not to have an abortion it should be the decision she and possibly her partner makes. It makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever that there should have to be time taken away from pressing issues to delve into things like abortion, gay marriage, and pot smoking. We were not put on this Earth to pass judgment upon on another…and we are also not supposed to oppress one another. One of the main reasons why this country is in such a ridiculous state of turmoil is due to the fact that those who have the ability to be seen and heard use that power to feed their own personal agendas…trying as they will to force their personal belief systems upon the rest of the nation. I am not a person who would go to an abortion clinic, but it’s nice to know that if by chance I needed that option, it would be available. A 14-15 year old girl who may have been physically built to have a child is not mentally able or financially stable enough to care for that child…so what happens then? Is Rep. Brattin and Rep. Akin prepared to take in all of these unwanted babies? I mean that is if they manage to survive the hidden pregnancy and the blanket/bag wrapped abandonment…



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