Misses #MCM So @TheBerry gives us #TowelThursday…and there is no disapointment

I am always late when it comes to “Day specific Hashtags” but luckily for me…@TheBerry (on Twitter) isn’t…so here we goooooo

#TowelThursday #ManCrush

a10 images images411E387P towel-hmotb-0 towel-hmotb-1 towel-hmotb-2 towel-hmotb-3 towel-hmotb-4 towel-hmotb-5 towel-hmotb-6 towel-hmotb-7 towel-hmotb-8 towel-hmotb-9 towel-hmotb-11 towel-hmotb-12 towel-hmotb-13 towel-hmotb-14 towel-hmotb-15 towel-hmotb-16 towel-hmotb-17 towel-hmotb-18 towel-hmotb-19 towel-hmotb-20 untitled

Some Bonus Crush…

images1UF0PG5Y imagesRT223S6N untitled1

That’s All!!! Have a Great Day Everyone!!!!!


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