Because Ice Cube and Elmo make a BRILLIANT partnership!!! #IceCubeElmoBFFs #GivingMeSoMuchLife



When you hear the name “Ice Cube”, what images initially pop into your head? Well I guess it just depends on your age…the images may vary…

If you are my age (30 and over), you probably think about the Jheri Curl juicing, gangsta rapping, angry faced, NWA member who played Doughboy in Boys in the Hood… IceCube3

*Cue angry Eye brow*


Those of you between the ages of 15 & 25 (Give or take), you probably think of Ice Cube as being the serious, kind of scary (but hilarious as hell), father/big brother figure in light hearted films such as Are We There Yet?, Barbershop, or most recently Ride Along.

Are we there yet

Are we there yet

So imagine my surprise…wonderment…delight…When while flipping the channels a few days ago and saw this:

Now, bask in the idea of Ice Cube and Elmo as BFFs…Doesn’t it just make you feel oh so good? #ThatAstoundingSmile

That Smile Though

That Smile Though

Here’s why they are #GivingMeSoMuchLife Why we are so #Astounded

Cube wore Blue and kept the Brow at bay

No Black No Brow

Cube knows magic!!!


Cube turned himself into a freakin Ice Cube!


Cube kept it real and gave Elmo the best Gangsta hug a grown man could ever give a Muppet

Bro Hug

Bro Hug

If nothing else Ice Cube and  Elmo together make the “Tag” box a very interesting thing to create

Bonus Cube



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