My daughter is worth more than the Circumference of the circle she throws her ass in…


Don’t come for me b!tch

I’m not taking a jab at Ms. Minaj…and I will keep it as respectful as possible…

The Beautiful B. Scott

The Beautiful B. Scott

I recently read an article at (I love me some B Scott aka Love Muffin), titled ‘Nicki Minaj is a Cheeky Genius for GQ, Talks women taking back control (Read the full article here). The article didn’t really touch on anything mind blowing or, for lack of better words, interesting about Ms. Minaj and her personal views. It was just a snip of an article written about her in GQ magazine…but one thing in the article that stuck out for me was a direct quote from her. Minaj6

In the mag, Nicki talks about her “Anaconda” video — saying  that she sees it as a normal video being about what girls do. She takes it a step further, saying there are scenes in the video that represent women taking back their power and being in control.

She says:

I don’t know what there is to really talk about… I’m being serious. I just see the video as being a normal video. I think the video is about what girls do. Girls love being with other girls, and when you go back to us being younger, we would have slumber parties and we’d be dancing with our friends.   (Source What

Let me make this as clear as possible. I have not and will NEVER give an entertainer the responsibility of being a good role model for my child. I teach my daughter at home that she is more than her looks…I also make it my duty to encourage her into greatness…I don’t shield my daughter from the world, but I also don’t let her explore it without showing her the consequences of the different paths she could possibly take.

I don’t know Ms. Minaj from Adam…The only thing I know about her is what is presented in her public persona…this goes towards all of these young female entertainers…Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga…etc . No one, but those close to you, know you outside of what you present us with…so don’t take this as a personal attack towards YOU, take it as an attack towards the excuses you and other celebrities make.

After reading Ms. Minaj’s words I had to go and watch that video (Click here for Video)…I watched it a few times, just to make sure I didn’t miss something…or misinterpret something…What I found to be clear was this:

  1. The video tip toes the lines of sheer hilarity and completely gross
  2. I will NEVER let my daughter watch it (or any other music video made by a female entertainer under the age of 50) ever again
  3. There was absolutely nothing about the anaconda video that remotely suggest ‘…being younger, we would have slumber parties…dancing with our friends…’
Slumber Party

  Slumber Party

Slumber Party

  Slumber Party

Not a Slumber Party

Not a Slumber Party

Just cause you laying on the floor does not mean it counts as a slumber party…IJS

Nope Not a Slumber Party

Nope Not a Slumber Party

It makes my stomach turn a little when I see these entertainer do these ridiculous things and then try and pass them off as being, somehow “Okay”…How “normal” is it to see an 11 or 12 year old girl bent over and shaking her pre-pubescent ass? Minaj2I for one don’t want my daughter and her little friends simulating sex while donning hot pants and tube tops… minaj8

it’s my opinion that the video does not say or show anything about empowering females…and whatever (if there really was one) empowerment message that was supposed to be delivered…I am pretty certain it was cut short by girls wearing little to no close and their legs spread wide open, open for the world to objectify the female figure.

If you want to put yourself out there in the manner that you do, be my guest. I could care less about how you choose to live your life…but don’t try and tell the world that what you do is “normal”…and don’t make the attempt to pass it off as something innocent little girls can and should be doing.

You don’t have to be a role model…And no one is giving you that responsibility…You are not responsible for setting the positive example for anyone’s child(ren)…But don’t sit up here and compare your lewd behaviour to that of an innocent child, who should be the very last person in your audience…the very last person you should be comparing yourself to (and vice versa). Minaj3

If I ever hear the words “…Like Nicki Minaj…” come out of my daughter’s mouth, while she is describing something has done or wants to do I will slap all of the pigment from her skin…

Slap the Black off You

Slap the Black off You

And with that said…How about people stop making excuses for their BS and just be real.



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