Because your word is your bond…A blog of Integrity


Here’s the deal with this post. If you get upset because you feel as if I am speaking of you directly then maybe you need to reevaluate your life before you come to me asking question. I am speaking on a collective not individuals. But if the shoe fits wear it or buy a new wardrobe. I will not apologize for my words and I will not go into specific details as to why these thoughts were resonated…There will be no names mentioned, but it you feel anger rising within than maybe I am talking about you and maybe YOU need to fix yourself…


The fastest way to get under my skin is to question my integrity.

What a way to open, right? No cream and definitely no sugar.

I go out of my way to be as honest a person as I can be. Sometimes, to the point that people hate me for it… Hate me all you want…call me an asshole, if you like…but out of every name you call me a “liar” will not be among the list.

When I was in high school, maybe 16 years old, I stole a Walkman from a classmate. I was wrong in every sense of the word and the punishment that came along with that theft made me completely change my way of thinking for the rest of my life. A punishment that I actually inflicted upon myself…It wasn’t the public embarrassment of being escorted from school in handcuffs in front of my peers…it wasn’t even the disappointing and hopeless looks I received from my mother, but the way I made that girl feel when she found that her Walkman was missing. It was a look of defeat, heartache, and sadness followed by anger and rage…accompanied by tears and disbelief.

Just knowing that I was the reason she felt this way struck a chord in me that would make me alter my way of thinking, for the rest of my life.

Since that time I have not, so much as “stolen a moment” let alone lifted things that didn’t belong to me. I make it my duty to work as hard as I can to earn and pay the price for the things that I want. And if I can’t afford it I do without it. This way of thinking resonates so deeply within me that I hesitate to even ask for favors…

* Side note* If I come to you and ask for help, than I am really caught in a bind and have seriously turned for outside help as a complete and utter last resort.

I know that the only thing I have is my word…I also know that I am not an empathetic individual, so I have taught myself to tread lightly when it comes to truth. My mother will attest to this, I have pissed MANY MANY people off because I was quick to open my mouth and state a fact without using wisdom or tact. I had a girl beat the breaks off my a$$ on the school bus because she didn’t appreciate truth as I saw it (oh she whooped my behind, another day another blog). Over the years I have learned that sometimes it’s ok to keep your thoughts to yourself.  To lie means you care how you are perceived by others, and to be completely honest I couldn’t care less how you feel about me #RealTalk. I refuse to give an individual that much power over me…I will not lower my integrity just to appease the masses. I have grown to accept the fact that people either really love me, or really hate (There is no in-between). I am not an ego feeder I never have been. If what you do is bearable and your actions aren’t doing more than showing me what type of person you really are, chances are I deal with it and say nothing…but if you cross a line, then you can believe I will definitely call you on your BS…whether or not you want to hear the truth, as I see it, is irrelevant…and how you feel after I express my opinion piggybacks that relevancy.

Being the person I am and having lived through the things that I have lived through…I know that time is of the essence. I also know that time should not be wasted. I could die tomorrow…hell, I could croak before this blog is posted. But I will go to my grave with my integrity. I am not going to waste what little time I have on this earth on lies, cheating, and stealing. I will also not give time to plotting revenge or trying to take more than I deserve.

Maybe you question my integrity because your own is warped. Here’s an idea, get your sh!t together. I’m am dead serious…Nine times out of ten the reason why an individual is so overly protective of themselves is because THEY cannot be trusted.

OHHH I am about to step on some toes with some truth…


When you spend the greater part of your life stealing from and cheating the people around you, you start to see the world from the perspective of lies/liars and back stabbers/stabbing. When you spend a great deal of your time trying to “get over” instead of working hard to move up, you inherent the sense of the world trying to “pull the wool over your eyes”… “Oh I’m going to get everything I can out of this/you before…blah blah blah” You make false accusations about people and tarnish the reputations of honest hard working individuals because YOU YOURSELF are dishonest, a liar, a thief, and shouldn’t be trusted. You know why you’re overprotective of materialistic things? Because you believe in Karma and you have stolen enough to know that eventually you are going to reap what you’ve sewn into the universe.

And the funny thing is, while you think you are being sneaky the very person you are trying to “get over” on knows what you’re up to and how you operate. Go figure! How long did you think you could perform the same magic trick without someone in the audience eventually figuring it out?

I am not a liar. I do not “use” people for my own personal gain. I do the right thing even when no one is looking. I never make promises. I don’t smile in the faces of people I don’t like. Unless I deem it as a necessity, in order to help you gain a clear understanding, I don’t publicly embarrass individuals. If I am truly fed up with your actions I will pull you aside, first. I make no excuses for my short comings. I speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves (or are afraid to speak). I try my best to fix what I break. I don’t care if you agree with me. I don’t care if you don’t like me. I’m not a back stabber.

Most of all I NEVER forget. Which means I will definitely keep you on a short leash when having to deal with you in the future. Now don’t take this the wrong way…I don’t sit around plotting revenge, because God/Karma will get to you WAAAY better than I ever will.

Where does your integrity stand? How many times have you accused an individual of doing the things that you yourself are guilty of? When will you get your life together?


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