Seriously, I HATE your kid…and it’s mostly because of YOU!


I’m working on a piece…I was planning on sending it to a parenting site that I sometimes work for but I don’t think it would be appreciated in that forum *shoulder shrug*.

once it’s completed I’ll post it here…it’s little harsh but so are most “Honest opinions”…I’m not asking for forgiveness for my personal feelings. I am also not looking for any allies. If you disagree than so be it…

Many many people have contributed to why I feel the way I feel about children…it’s not just one individual…to be honest a lot of the contributors are strangers to me (People whom I don’t know, for those of you who don’t understand what a stranger is).

Here’s the thing: when I post this blog and you read it if at any time you feel as if I’m talking about you, personally, then maybe you need to check yourself instead of being mad at me because you feel as if I “burned” you…lol




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