Captivating photos: Before, During, and After War

Measuring the emotional state of a soldier is no easy feat…but with these photos it is so easy to see the hardship that they went through…They say a picture says a thousand words and the words that come to mind from viewing these photos are just a little unsettling…

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bdda lalagesnowwearethenotdead1b lalagesnowwearethenotdead2 lalagesnowwearethenotdead3 lalagesnowwearethenotdead4 lalagesnowwearethenotdead5 lalagesnowwearethenotdead7 lalagesnowwearethenotdead8 lalagesnowwearethenotdead9 lalagesnowwearethenotdead10 lalagesnowwearethenotdead11 lalagesnowwearethenotdead12 lalagesnowwearethenotdead13


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