“I Don’t Give a Fuck About Justine Damond”

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I don’t give a fuck about Justine Damond because I know that most white people don’t think what happened to her is indicative of an inherently corrupt and unjust policing system. I know that most white people simply think that this situation means that guns should be taken out of the hands of black people, that black people shouldn’t be placed in positions of authority, and that keeping the police force white would ensure that police won’t mistakenly kill “innocent” white people; that police will, instead, return to their true purpose: Keeping white people “safe” by killing black people…
Most white people are not truly mourning Justine. Most of white people are mourning what the killing of Justine means: That Whiteness isn’t guaranteed to protect them and, in the blink of an eye, they can find themselves in the same plight as black people, which they thought the promise of Whiteness was supposed to prevent…

The question most white people will never dare answer honestly is: Does the “blue life” of the cop who murdered Justine matter more than Justine’s? If white reactions to black deaths at the hands of police are any indication, the answer should be “yes.”
“I Don’t Give a Fuck About Justine Damond” @SonofBaldwin https://medium.com/@SonofBaldwin/i-dont-give-a-fuck-about-justine-diamond-1e60003ee961

I think I gave birth to Stewie Griffin


I am fully convinced that this little boy wants to kill me…

Here’s the thing…He is such a cutie pie. My handsome little man…the sunshine of my 5am…But since the day the pregnancy test read “Positive” I believe that he was wanted me dead… #FunnyNotFunny

While we all completely understand that babies are selfish and inconsiderate, I think that my kid purposefully goes the extra mile to prove it…
For instance:
While I was pregnant I think I lost a total of 32 pounds…instead of buying maternity clothes, I was taking in my regular clothes…
Tums and Rolaids was a Food Group…I wish I would have bought stock in both companies, just so I could get back at least half the money I invested in their products…I was never aware of just how much acid could be found in a bottle of Smart water…I GOT HEARTBURN FROM WATER, PEOPLE!!!! WATER!!!!!
I survived the first 5 months of my pregnancy on Tap Water, Frozen Yogurt, and Cesar Salads…

Then around the middle of the 7th month, the pains started…I thought he was trying to claw his way out of my womb…It was like a death match inside my body every night when I tried to go to sleep…I could never get comfortable in one spot for more than 10-15 minutes… Especially whenever I was in the car trying to drive…MY GAWD! He hated when I stayed still…and hated it even more when I moved around…The best was trying to explain to my doctor and the Nurses why I understand that laying on my left side is the best position for circulation…my unborn son does not agree and for the sake of my body, I am going to have to agree with the boss on this matter…

Now let’s fast forward to present day…three weeks after the birth of my lovely little Calamity Smurf…

In the last three weeks I believe that I have have about 127 hours of sleep…Non consecutive…I have changed about 224 diapers…I have been pissed on approximately 32 times, once in the face…I have been shitted on four times *Sigh* Once in the face…and because I am breast feeding my little bundle of joyful headache, my nipples feel as if they are on fire and are going to fall off of my body at any moment. images

I am also convinced that my womb has given up on me…and weather I like it or not, there will never be another human being formed in the depths of my body every again…Whatever resources were stored within me to contribute to human life has been ripped from my body, in the tiny clutches of the hands of my son…

Here’s the thing…I love my kid…I love him with all of my being and I wouldn’t trade him for all the AK’s in Iraq…but  sometimes the truth just needs to be told. Little kids are horrible people..images (1).and if you don’t wrangle them in at an early age they grow up to be horrible adults…But I don’t understand why people are so afraid to tell the truth about what it’s really like and how they really feel about their pregnancy and newborn child…
Pregnancy is the worse part of having a baby…HORRIBLE!!! and newborns are Evil people…God knew exactly what he was doing when he made little kids cute, because if not there would be far less people on this planet.

Or maybe I’m just a sore, sleep deprived mom who needs a nap and a glass of Merlot…

Police Brutality Necessitated a Children’s book…


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In the black community, “the talk” with your children isn’t just that of the birds and the bees ― it’s the one where you explain to them how their skin tone may one day make them a police target.

It’s a conversation so difficult that mother, former social worker and Nashville, Tennessee, native Sanya Gragg wanted to help fellow parents navigate it with her recently released book Momma, Did You Hear The News?

Gragg, 46, said she’d been considering writing the book for a short time after she was laid off from her position as a social worker. Her decision to go forth with it came after the police killing of Terence Crutcher last September.

“I knew there would be many families having ‘the talk’ with their children,” Gragg told The Huffington Post last week. “It confirmed that this was my assignment.”

Gragg, who now has two grown sons and a 3-year-old daughter, said that the hardest part of having the talk with her sons was knowing it could only guarantee that they might practice greater caution when confronted by police.

That’s really all they can do, given the disproportionate number of black people killed at the hands of law enforcement. A 2014 ProPublica study reported that black male teens are 21 times more likely to be fatally shot by police than their white counterparts.


“The most difficult part for me is knowing my sons and yours can do everything right and still end up in a tragic situation,” she continued. “That just makes me really sad.”

She said the talk is a staple of all black families no matter their socioeconomic standing ― and suspects it’s beginning to happen at a younger age.

“I think [that] because of social media and our children’s access to it, this conversation is happening much sooner,” Gragg said. “What used to be a concern once our children started driving is now a concern if they are just walking down the street. I think this book can really help with the introduction of this topic.”

In Momma, Did You Hear The News? Gragg establishes a five-part mantra (below) to help black Americans remember what to do during a police encounter.

A – Always use your manners
L – Listen and comply
I – In control of your emotions
V – Visible hands always
E – Explain everything

“I definitely want everybody to ‘Memorize the 5!’’’ she emphasized. “I think even adults who have been driving for years may get anxious if pulled over. This just gives a quick mental checklist to help you come home alive.”

Momma, Did You Hear The News? can be purchased here.

Why are Black Victims always expected to forgive their white victimizers?

“Blacks are expected to absolve White America of its crimes. The rules change when the victim happens to be white…”  Chauncey Devega

downloadMy social media outlets have been completely flooded with stories of Bill O’Sexual Harassment being fired by Fox News. And the only thought I’ve had was: ‘They only did it because they could no longer hide it…The latest woman wouldn’t just take the pay off…He got caught one too many times…”

Well during my scrolling I came across an interview of one of O’Reilly’s victims named Perquita Burgess. Somehow during this interview one of the white female host eluded to if this woman would be able to over come/ move on from what happened and be able to find peace and forgiveness…

Where any of his other, melanin deficient, victims asked this? I think the hell not. So why now and not then?

A few months back, during the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden was asked of she forgave the, admitted racist police officer, Darren Wilson who murdered him…and she gave, in my opinion, one of the most honest answers anyone could every give…“Never forgive…h
e’s evil, his acts were devilish…”
080515-National-Leslie-McSpadden-on-Forgiving-Darren-Wilson-Never Needless to say there was outrage for her lack of forgiveness…even to the point that some made death threats towards her and her family. She has not been asked questions by the media since…

Not even a week after Dylan Roof walked into a historical black church in Charleston, SC and brutally murdered 9 of the parishioners…after they welcomed him in and studied and prayed with him…imagesThe press came to the families of the victims and made it their duty to get them to publicly announce to the world that they have already given Roof their forgiveness. And the families were all to willing to comply, fall in line, and hand out forgiveness like condoms in an abortion clinic.

The Black man who was punched in the face by a white Trump supporter, at a Trump rally…images (1)

The Muslim woman who was hit in the face with a beer glass, by a white woman, in a restaurant.

The list just goes on and on…

It has pretty much become expected, that no matter how overt the racism or how disgusting/heinous the crime towards the black community, the “Christian thing” to do is forgive the oppressor. It is as if they took a page straight out of the “How to make a slave, the Christian way…” guide book (I seriously hope that’s not an actual book).

I wonder if anyone has asked the families of the slain officers in Dallas if they have yet to forgive Micah Johnson? How many families have yet to publicly announce their forgiveness to the movie theater shooter in Colorado?

Look, stop asking the black community if they forgive their victimizers…it’s insulting and lacks all compassion. We do not have to forgive anyone. Especially not those who deserve to be forgiven…If God wants to save your soul then you take that up with God…as for me I sleep very well at night not offering these murderous and violent thugs any forgiveness.

It is not owed so it shouldn’t be expected

“Black Americans may publicly-and this says nothing of just and righteous private anger, upset, and desire for justice and revenge-be so quick to forgive white violence and injustice because it is a tactic and strategy for coping with life in a historically white supremacy society. If black folks publicly expressed their anger and lack of forgiveness at centuries of white transgressions they could and were beaten, raped, murdered, shot, stabbed, burned alive, run out of town, hung, put in prisons, locked up in insane asylums, fired from their jobs, their land stolen from them, and kicked out of schools. Even in the post civil rights era and throughout the “Age of Obama”, being branded with the veritable scarlet letter of being an “Angry black man” or “Angry black woman”, can result in their life opportunities being significantly reduced…”– Chauncey Devega


White Genocide: Or Whatever these tears are about

images” I don’t want to go to the future and find out what happens to white people because we’re gonna pay hard for this shit, you got to know that. We’re not going to just fall from number one to two. They’re gonna hold us down and fuck us in the ass forever…And we totally deserve it. But for now…WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”  Louis CK (American Comedian and Television Actor).  

images (1)

Comedian Louis CK

As of right now, statistics will show that the rate of white death out weighs that of white birth, and has led some to believe that within the next 30-40 years Non-Hispanic whites will be the new minority in the US (Despite the fact that they are already the minority on a global scale). Currently, in the US, whites make up approximately 62% of the population and 78% of the deaths.

On top of the death rate being higher than the birth rate, here are some other reasons why the population of white America is on the decline.

  • Natural diseases…illness, cancers, viruses, etc
  • White couples are just not having children with one another if they have children at all
  • Murders
  • Infertility and the inability to carry healthy children to term
  • Drugs and Alcohol addictions, with an emphasis on the rising Heroin and methamphetamine addictions

Now despite that all of these facts concerning the decline of White American population…Somehow the narrative will be presented to the public in a very different way.


download These are the people who will go out of their way in an attempt to convince other white Americans that they are somehow under attack by Black and Brown people all over the world. They have resorted to fear mongering, and drilling the ideas of “Us vs Them”. We will hear these individuals come up with every excuse but the truth to fuel the idea that the world  is out to deliberately kill white people and rid them from the face of the Earth. And they have dubbed it a Genocide…

I’ll give you a moment to control your laughter…

They make claims that black and brown people are murdering them all over the globe. Which is the excuse white America has been peddling to justify their hatred and xenophobia of Muslims and Mexicans. Oh and somehow the word “Diversity” is being used as code for White genocide…Don’t believe me…watch this:


Look…The first thing, and maybe even the only thing that needs to be said is ‘White Genocide’ is NOT a thing. This is an essential part of the story as it unfold. White genocide is a paranoid conspiracy theory held by white supremacist who, on the one hand, believe in race as a biological reality and believe that whites are under existential threat by multicultural policies and intermarriage and every time a mixed baby is born, that the white race suffers a fatal blow. They will place the blame on any and everything they can, but will blatantly ignore the fact that their demise is and has always been more self inflicted than anything else…

Here’s the simple solution to your declining numbers…

Stop killing yourselves and have more babies with one another…And for the love of God stop blaming other people for what you have done to your own.

Oh and let’s not forget Karma is also at play…The chickens have come home to roost and the universe wants money…


Go Away Rachel; It’s not funny anymore…


So Rachel Dolezal now believes that she was “A little too black…” For her Black Ex-Husband

To which I say…”GIRL BYE!!!”


Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who was made national headlines in 2015 after she pretended to be black, is being forced in our Timelines again… Thanks to a new memoir titled In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.

Dolezal’s book is scheduled to be released today, March 28th 2017, where she continues to proclaim to the world that she is (Identifies herself as) a black woman. Despite her genetics and lack of physical and cultural upbringing…


Here’s the deal, I don’t care what she calls herself, nor do I care how many people willingly accept her as being a black woman…But what I will not do is sit here and be forced to simply accept her as a black woman, just because you or anyone else says so…


From the time I was old enough to acknowledge the voices of my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles…I was taught that I would have to work three times as hard because I was black and on top of that I would have to add on a doubled workload because I am a woman.

I have been putting in a lot of hard work from the day I was born to be a productive/contributing citizen of this nation…and the road blocks I have had placed in front of me were hard to overcome and most were placed there on purpose to keep me from striving to the point that I have come to now, and still growing.

Rachel will never understand what being the only black child in the entire first grade of primary school, and having a parent complain that they didn’t want their white child sitting next to her during the school day. Or having your second grade math teacher sit you and the only other black student away from the rest of the class, with your backs turned so she wouldn’t have to look at your black faces…Or maybe Rachel understand what it feels like to have a bunch of white children from her predominately white neighborhood, chase her with forks and butter knives while calling her a nigger and threatening to take her life. These are some of the things I personally, and plenty of other black children, faced while growing up black…something that she has never had to do because Rachel was raised in a white household, by her white parents…But let her tell it, covering her skin with mud and pretending she was a Sahara Princess IS THE BLACK EXPERIENCE…(She really said this you guys).

download (1)

I remember the day I had to pay a white guy to go to a bank to negotiate an investment for my first salon…Because for some reason when I brought my business plan into their offices it somehow wasn’t good enough…Whereas Ms. Dolezal could tan her skin, sew in a cheap weave and become the president of a NAACP chapter…

She has NEVER had to endure what growing up as a black woman really is/what it’s really about. Fighting the stereotypes all while trying to be successful in a world where nothing is set up to cushion your many falls.

Here’s the thing, Rachel, my skin is not a badge of honor…the STRUGGLE that I survived while in this Black skin is the honor that I carry and wear proudly. This is a struggle that you have never and will never know, because you somehow conned the world into believing that it’s OK to just pick up and put down blackness whenever it is convenient, or not too much of a struggle. black-girl-magic-long-sleeve-shirts-crewneck-sweatshirt

I find what you are doing to be just as bad, if not worse, than having someone spit in my face. You are down grading what it means to be a black woman in America. You don’t just suddenly become a black woman…you are born and raised into it…and not by choice. It is an inheritance that has been placed on a select few. You are taught how to survive, live, birth, raise, nurture, embrace, fight, and turn a blind eye when necessary from the day you are born. Being a black woman is not an option and it cannot be put down or picked up…it is what you are born with and what is cultivated from within…